The National Bank of Cambodia, in partnership with Good Return Australia, has developed the Let’s Talk Money Campaign to encourage Cambodians to speak with their family and friends about important money matters.

The Campaign is centered around four themes of “teachable moments” during consumers existing interactions and contact with financial service providers (Microfinance Institutions and Banks).

The four themes are: COMMUNICATE; NEGOTIATE; CHOOSE; and USE.

Instead of requiring individual organizations to create costly one-off resources or activities, the Campaign provides and promotes the tools necessary for a multi-facted full coverage consumer awareness education program.

The Campaign uses media clips with educational nudges delivered via social media, SMS, Radio and T.V. These items are also combined with a suite of intergrated campaign tools, resources, and materials to deliver and reinforce key campaign financial educational messages.

The Campaign resources and materials have been specifically designed to complement any existing financial education offered by a financial service provider including a Bank or Microfinance Institution.



Who do you need to talk about your financial concerns?

Raising a financial concern benefits everybody.

Talk to your financial service providers today.

Let’s Talk Money!





Don’t let your income get caught up in high repayments. Compare interest rates. Understand contract terms, and educate your self for the best results.

Let’s Talk Money!






Don’t borrow from one loan to pay another. Taking too many loans without a secure source of income can burden you and your family.

Let’s Talk Money!







Before you sign a loan contract, consider whether you can afford the loan, and whether you are prepared to make repayment your first priority. Make debt repayment your first thought, not an afterthought.

Let’s Talk Money!