The Banner & Poster Series aims to identify the ‘key educational messages’ and present them to consumers ‘loud and clear’.

Posters are effective because they combine simplicity and concreteness in the design.

Dominant visibility, larger than life images and strong key messages ensure banners and posters stand out from the environment and create a reinforcement mechanism to the other campaign tools a Financial Service Provider, Telcom or NGO may engage.

While not every financial service provider will find the concept of banners appropriate to reach their client base, banners, posters and stickers provide opportunity for outdoor messaging that can be effective at reaching consumers ‘on the move’.

Consider location and placement of banners and posters where maximum content retention and recall can be achieved, in places such as:

  • Locations where public gathers
  • Bus stops or road intersections
  • Attached to sides of buses
  • Used as free standing backdrops at consumer outreach events
  • Print banners as in-branch posters in banking halls or customer waiting areas
  • Use stickers to attach to passbooks or pages within passbooks
  • Offer stickers after completion of key campaign consumer ‘discussion sessions’

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